Welcome to the LSD Statistics Universe!

General Information

Our goal is to improve your dart skills!
The accurate input of your thrown darts allows us to give you an explizit stat analysis. How precise do you aim? Our radar chart can give you the answer. Do you throw to strong or to weak? Use our histogram chart to have a look to your inner/outer dart hit distribution.

All stats are analyzed and visualized live!
Profit from a point development chart to keep track of your current skill level. Our single dart chart can give you a specific hint whether all of your darts are thrown on the same level.

Live and later on!
Use th LSD stats to improve your dart skills live during a game or later on. All games are saved and assigned to your personal profile.

Personal Stats

Have a look at a small extract of our LSD personal stats:
Radar Chart: Your exact hit distribution visualized on a dartboard. The sharper and higher the peaks are, the better!
Histogram: Just a more detailed view of your hit distribution. You can see if you preferably hit the inner or outer field, how often you hit the triple fields and how precise you throw. As you can see below, the distribution around 20 is not symmetric. So the player has to aim a little more to the right side!

Live Stats

Keep track of your current game!
Point Development Chart: Are you an early bird or is the final sprint your strength? Have a look at your point development during the leg, the set or the whole game and improve your consistency. The dotted lines display your current averages.
Single Dart Chart: A very powerful chart to improve your consistency. Shown is the average of scored poits per thrown dart. And as you can see, Player 2 needs to concentrate more on his second dart.